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Gear list "Under the Sun"
Old 13th June 2016
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Gear list "Under the Sun"

Can we please get a gear list for 'under the sun'...
And also...Anything being written with Mr. Middleton anytime soon?

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Hi Weekendwarrior,

Ill break it down track by track which should help me remember

? -

This one was recorded at a friends place (Alex Pilkington) Who is in a band called Custom Blue.

Most of the track is a Casiotone 202 Owned by Alex, (which a few keys didn't work) recorded through a Fender Twin. I layered up different waveforms from it into audio and pitch shifted some of them to get the really low stuff. And there is a Fender Rhodes on it, from memory a 73 i don't think it had a Cab though. Alex also had a interesting Delay unit - Teisco SR450E we used that on the high Melody that comes in.
Alex has a BC3 Amek, this track was done around 2009.

Give it your choir feat Bibio -

Bibio's Vocal chain was:

Mic - Vintage Sennheiser MD421 (hand held).
Mic pre - Chandler Limited Redd.47.
Compressor - Universal Audio 1176LN.
Into a Universal Audio Apollo 16.

The main part of the track is a Circuit bent (Freeform Delusion) kids toy, Called Kids way. The drums are a Hammond Auto vary 64. Arp Odyssey for the intro synth and i used my Hillwood Blue comets 73 for the extra synth harmonies that come in. Gforce MTron Pro for the Vibes and flutes, Bass is Minimoog.
I used Cooper Time cube from the UAD on the Kids way parts. Vocal reverb Bricasti M7 IR's in Altiverb, I think i used that with big pre delay and may have also had Bill Puttnam Echo chamber also in Altiverb on the vocals. Bibio sent me over a 100 tracks of vocals for this! Never had to deal with anything like that b4, was a really interesting challenge. Each Harmony he had done 3 versions. In general it was one centre and 2 out hard L&R. Then i had to try and fan stuff out a bit when there was loads at the same time, i guess at some points there would be up to 20-30 vocals at one time. I listened to Smile a lot when i was dealing with that and some other Beach boys acapella's that were on youtube

Infrared -

All the synth stuff is Casio VL Tone, some of which i sent to (Alex Pilkington) and he put it through his Fender Twin for me. I used a logic Total Trem in the Pedal board. The flanger is the MXR Uad one. Drums are Hammond Auto Vari 64 again and i put them into the Softube Vintage amp room (2nd Amp). Can't remember what spring reverbs i used, i think it was my GBS Spring and then a couple in Altiverb.
For the vocals i recorded them through a old 70s telephone which someone had put a XLR out on and they also put a mic inside the ear piece as well which was powered off a battery

Falling -

This is all Casio VL Tone, Again through the Softube Vintage Amp room Amp 2. The vocals are a combo of me pitch shifted in Melodyne and a plug in called Chip Speech.
Reverb it was my Ursa Major Stargate. The bass that comes in at the end is a Maestro Rhythm and sound.

Beautiful People Feat Thom Yorke -

All the Mellotron stuff is Gforce - MTron Pro, The Synth i think is Prophet 6 (Thom's). The percussion was recorded at my friends studio Josh Wermot, he has more mic's than me I only have a Re20. I think it was mainly his Coles Ribbon mic. Josh's Sister is a percussion player and she kindly lent us her percussion + i have some as well. Obviously Moondog inspired I thought it would be easy to recreate but of coarse it wasn't, i think it was over 20 tracks of percussion layered up.
In the mid section i layered up my Musical saw. Piano is Sonic Couture - The Hammersmith Pro.

Where do they go, The Butterflies -

This is all my Arp Odyssey, going through the Logic Tape Delay.

Sad Alron -

Its a combo of Mtron Pro and Oberheim Matrix 1000 and my musical saw. I used the logic Rhodes piano for this which was pitch shifted which made it detuney. I used my Real Rhodes 73 on it as well. Layered Tape hiss and some sound recordings of me walking around Shibuya. The low end boom's are Arp Odyssey Pink noise Filtered down. Reverbs are Averb in Logic and Ursa Major Stargate. I also got into using Zynaptiq Unfilter on Reverbs on this album to try and control resonant peaks. You have to be careful with that thing though. If that didn't work i would automate Fabfilter Pro Q2 to hold back any resonant peaks. The high synth that comes in is a Exs24 Sine wave put through the Softube vintage amp 2.

You wash my soul feat Linda Perhacs -

Guitar was played by Alex Pilkington recorded with Neumann U47 FET, the string type sound is me bowing my Acoustic guitar. I layered up my Waterphone (bowing it) for extra eeriness in a few sections and Also there is Musical saw in there as well which you hear more later in the track at 4:18. The wind type noise at the end is also Musical saw. The vocal was recorded by Fernando Perdomo in LA who works with Linda a lot.

Waterphone Online - The Official Website of The Waterphone I have the Megabass Waterphone, made by Richard Waters, I've had it for around 15 years, Richard sadly passed away but someone else is carrying on his work. Richard invented the Waterphone. I had to buy one !! After being obsessed with that sound on various soundtracks over the years. Most famously Dirty Harry, that was probably the first time i heard one. Took a while to find out what that sound was! They are great fun to play and require no real expertise which is perfect for me You just bow it with a violin bow or you can hit it with Perc Mallets, you just pour distilled water in the top and that bends the sound, its pretty heavy the bass one! Kills my arm to play it. I think ill end up with one really strong right arm in years to come

Cycles of 9 -

Again its the GForce Mtron Pro. The Cello i played on a EXS logic sound library sound and then got a local musician Peter Hollo to play it. The Gloc is a cheap standard plastic one i found in a shop in Stroud years ago.

The Mtron Pro is great, but i had to do a lot of fabfilter Pro Q2 automated notching to hold back peak freq's on this album. The notes have very unbalanced resonant peaks freq in them. When you start using a lot of MTron Pro sounds together it starts to get very tricky. And when they hit rooms and reverbs they often get more pronounced. I have to say its hell when you go into the world, like Freq whack a mole. And i ended up going round in circles with it. You end up taking them down too much and then it sounds horrible and really unnatural. I basically had to do lots of careful A/B ing to make sure i wasn't losing the plot.

Hi Red -

Some of the vocals are Chipspeech, i also backed them up with my own vocal and then they are also from a circuit bent Electronic shopping game And The drums are Mattel Synsonic's Drums.


This one is all….. you guessed it EMS Synthi AKS Suitcase. Except the pad which is Minimoog waveforms layered up in the EXS24 and the high line is Arp Odyssey. All the EMS stuff is going into a Altiverb room.

The Blinds Cage Feat Beans -

This is a Combo of Minimoog and Arp Odyssey. Into A Roland RE-301 for Echo, GBS spring reverb. I can't remember what Organ it was (Owned by Martin Barre from Jethro Tull). It had drum sounds on it, it was a quirky Hammond from the 70s. Vocal was one take! Big up Beans Recorded with a Joemeek mic which we got from Ted Fletcher who Alan Hawkshaw into'd me to years ago. I also got one of the first remake Joe meek Green Compressors from Ted. Some of the synth sounds in this i sent out through my Rhodes cab into a room and mic'd it with 2 AKG 414's. This was done when i was living in Devon and we (David Brinkworth) had a studio that backed onto Martin Barres studio, so we could patch through to his live room.

Dawn of the north -

The Star trek type drone was a plug which i can't remember the name of Not sure they make it anymore. Other than that its Waterphone and Minimoog through RE-301.

Khufu -

This is all Waterphone going into the Great Pyramid Altiverb IR hence the title The vocal ish sound is the Waterphone pitch shifted. And i backed that up with some LA's. The dark low end panning drone is me hitting a hi hat on a coat hanger with a mallet and swinging it around a mic.

Rebel angels -

Cant remember what that choir sound is The sub bass is my go to sub - Trillion Arp 2600 Sine wave. Probably Logic Averb reverb. I built the track in NI - Maschine.

Under the sun -

Sample of Julie Andrews and Moondog - 808 kick is gold baby HD 808. The sample gets reversed into a pitch shifter and then just reverb which makes the pad type sound. White noise side chained off the kick. I Paul stretched the sample as well half way through and layered that in.

I used to use System 8 Tannoys, up to around 3 years ago For this album i bought a pair of PMC AB2S - AB2S | PMC Loudspeakers Running off a Quad 405 with the protection circuit taken out.

I mix through a Amek BC2 Ive had this for around 11 years now. B4 that i had the big TLAudio VTC desk, now owned by Dj Zinc Or maybe now its owned by Geeneus. Last time i was over at the Rinse studio it was there

I run 2 MOTU's HD192's Which i have had for years, i will be looking to upgrade though pretty soon, may get a couple of Apollos.

I work mainly at 24bit 96Khz probably for the last 10 years. I know there are plenty of arguments about this but it works for me, since i have gone up to that rate we have found that John Dent my mastering guy at Loud doesn't have to do as much as he used to I get the argument that in the end it will end up at 44.1 but the vinyl gets cut from the 24 96. And John converts them to 24 44.1 and 16 44.1 and i trust his methods to do that.

Maybe its a thing where the motu's work better at that those rates. Maybe if you have a high end converter it isn't as much of a issue. Anyway i found it really helps me for the system i use.

I use Logic 9, I'm moving over to 10 now slowly But i didn't want to b4 this album was done as there are older tracks and i didn't want the hassle of things not working.

I use the Fabfilter Proq2 to cut which i love. Other than that its UAD Plug ins. Altiverb 7, Melodyne DNA, Gforce, Isotope RX4 for Denoising and Declicking. Thats about it.

I use the BC2 as a summing mixer basically. Levels are set and i don't move them.

The room I'm in has some basic sound treatment done by the guy that was in here b4 me, Basically thin mattresses bolted to boards and hung on the ceiling and behind me is my records which soak up some sound Its basic but i like the sound in here and i'm used to it.

I bought the PMC's as i wanted more Bass response actually mainly so i could hear the bass clearly and work at lower levels as i am getting older to save my ears.

They sound very similar to my tannoys which is what drew me to them, it didn't take long to get used to them. They are more detailed as well.
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what a fabulous breakdown in lots of ways mr P, thank you indeed.
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Wow, what a post! Thanks a lot Mark, really appreciate that!
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Hi Mark! Thanks for the breakdown. Might have to finally cop the Chandler Redd.47 after reading this.
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This everything I've been wanting to know since the record came out.

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Hi Kev, yeah thats Bibio's he really rates it. The vocals he sent me sounded great, i didn't have to do anything to them really sound wise, it was just balancing.

You should do one of these! I love your Twitter tips. And everything i hear that you have a hand in always sounds fantastic.

Cheers Mark
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EPIC qa. These just get better and better, cheers gearslutz!
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Originally Posted by Mark P ➡️

my go to sub - Trillion Arp 2600 Sine wave.
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OMG! One of my favourite albums this year and... I find out it has a Goldbaby 808 in it.

- Hugo
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Cheers Hugo, i started a tune with your Custom Dmx yesterday, they sound great.
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Good read, thanks Gearslutz and to Mark P.
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Could you talk a bit about the thom yorke collab?

The song to me is so alien and unique... the relaxing flutes and then those chords! Who started the piece? Did you dend the flutes and thom made up the chords?

Is there any way you could post the chords? (If they're handy) they're beautifully complex

Whats that effect on the voice?


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