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Imagine Dragons/Artist development
Old 5th September 2016
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Imagine Dragons/Artist development

Hey Mark,

I'm a big fan of a lot of your work, and was wondering what role you played in Imagine Dragons' success. Were you there from the start, or brought in more towards the end for the mix?

Also, you mentioned how a lot of your work is in development...do you have a system/team/person who puts these bands under your nose? If not where do you go searching for talent? I know its a touchy subject, but how do you proceed when maybe the funds aren't there yet?
Old 6th September 2016
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Imagine Dragons/Artist development

I saw the band at a bar in Las Vegas about 2 1/2 years before they got signed and I loved their energy. I have very specific things that I look for in a band and they had enough of the elements for me to ask to get involved. I mixed songs to help them get a deal and those were used on the record as well. I can't get into the terms of my deal but it was a great project to be involved in and brought in a lot more work as well. I also did that with The Killers and Neon Trees. I know a lot of people who tell me about new bands and I also go out and see them.The main thing about the Dragons that caught my attention right away was Dan's delivery. I do spec deals with these bands so I am fronting the costs of my part of the project until either I or the band get a deal.

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