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How deep down the rabbit hole do you go?
Old 31st August 2016
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How deep down the rabbit hole do you go?

Hello Mr. Needham,

with the amount of affordable outboard gear and the plethora of plugins on the market now, do you feel mixers get too stuck on minutiae and don't spend enough time just mixing on instinct?

Also curious to hear whether you would choose to work with a mediocre artist in the best facility in the world or on a limited setup but with an amazing artist? I think I know the answer, just looking for some re-affirmation from one of the greats. Thanks!
Old 31st August 2016
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How deep down the rabbit hole do you go?

Everybody has their own path and some mixers who really focus on the minutia do great work. I move along faster and just go with what my vision is pretty quickly and try to look at the big picture. I go back and get into the small details with the band and they put their stamp on it. As far as the gear versus a great artist I don't really care that much if all I had was DBX 160 and one great pre. I have made some cool records with almost nothing ( I started with a 4 channel tube mixer with a treble and bass knob , two mic's and a 2 track recorder ). For me it is (hopefully!) about the song but there is really no right or wrong way to do this.

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