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Mixing for song Energy and Momentum
Old 30th August 2016
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Mixing for song Energy and Momentum

Hi Mark, thanks for answering our questions! Big fan of your work across the board.

One aspect of your mixing that I really enjoy is your ability to enhance and add to the energy and momentum of a song. When listening to your mixes I never really find myself checking out for a section of the song, and you really do a good job at making a chorus feel like a chorus. What techniques do you use to achieve this? How can I, as a young mix engineer, develop a better instinct for song energy?

Thanks again for your time!
Old 31st August 2016
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Mixing for song Energy and Momentum

I try to find things that I can change FX wise from verse to chorus, lines in the verses to build from the 1st to 2nd verse and to leave enough room so that when the chorus hits it sounds big. I usually am doing master fader rides from a verse through the pre and into the chorus as well. Find the cool stuff and turn it up loud!

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