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Your MPC

Hey Wic

So Reptil mentioned you started out in the 90s with a MPC. I'm assuming you stuck with it all these years and know it inside and out and why you still use it vs. going with one of these new HW sequencers.

It seems like you transfer everything in your mind to the MPC and then the MPC becomes the new mastermind in the performance. Some pads seem to be dedicated to start/stop or mute/unmute (for the drum machines) while other pads trigger melodies, etc. It's like the MPC runs the arrangement you composed within it which frees up your hands to tweak everything making it all come alive even more.

Can you elaborate a little on how you program the MPC (or simply make it generic to a sequencer) to pull of the sequences you have going on so you can do all that automation with your hands?

Thanks again!

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The MPC is a tool that I work with for many years now, so I'm totally comfortable with that device. I mainly use it as a sequencer (not as a sampler).
In some setups all the midi from the MPC (port A) is going to a few Kenton midi to cvgate converters, so I can control my synths with it. The other midi (port B) is in sync modus, so I can slave for example my Jomox or oberheim drummachine with it.
With this kind of setup I mainly control the sequences by mute (or unmute) certain parts, or choose an other seq.

I also use my MPC sometimes in a kind of trigger-mode. You can simultaneously connect three MIDI notes to each pad. So in this modes I can send a midi-chord by pushing one pad. Together with my Roland MPU-101 I can control three vco's separately, and play harmonics this way.
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1)How do you sync MPC with Logic/other DAW? As I understood you prefer to record all sounds at same time but sometimes extra layers are needed.

2) Have you ever tried to add Cirklon to your setup (to swap MPC or just add as another sequencer)?

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1) Well, I never sync my MPC to a DAW (and never tried it actually). When I made a track with the MPC as a sequencer, I use the DAW only to record the track at the end. When extra layers are needed then, I record them into the DAW by playing a synth realtime.

2) No, I never tried Cirklon, but I've heard good stories about that seq. Maybe one day I'll buy one :-)

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