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Jam locations and logistics of playing live?
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Jam locations and logistics of playing live?

Hey Ludo I notice your jams are filmed in some very cool locations, can you tell us how that all comes about and what's involved with the logistics of it all etc..?
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For certain tracks I have specific locations in mind. Sometimes I think a abandoned building fits the track, and for othes I want a more stately/solemn place. It depends on what should be the atmosphere.

For example this one:
This is a great church in my neighborhood. The pastor of this church gave me the full cooperation to do what I want to do. We had the time between 19.00 and 24.00 you to take it on camera, so we had to work very hard. We had with us: a few camera's, a 5m crane, dolly, lights and my unit of course.
Three other guys have helped me to build the setup, filming, lightsettings, etc, etc. These are the main people who also have helped me with other movies.
24.00 u we had recorded everything :-)

(and the next day I always do the editing)

Another one:
An old abandoned leatherfactory (also in my neighborhood). Beautiful location for this track, but this was hell when it comes to accessibility. It was on the 2nd floor, only accessible by a small fire escape . We were happy that it wasn't raining that day, because the roof was full of leaks.
But in the end it was worth it
Because of the environment we were in the right mood for this live performance.
So the location certainly has an impact on the music.

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