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Hey Wic

I don't see any mixing board in any of your jam session videos and also notice (correct me if I'm wrong) that you are running your gear directly into your FX and delays rather than using them on an analog board with sends/returns.

So, when recording, do you have a U5 for each instrument that goes directly into its dedicated input on the ensemble or have another way of recording individual and grouped parts?

Thank you!
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No, I have only one U5, I use mostly for the minimoog.
For the other synths I use just a behringer ultra-DI pro before it goes to the dedicated inputs of the ensemble. I use two by the way, because I have extra adat inputs with my ensemble (so I have 16 inputs total).

Sometimes I use my mackie (24-4) to merge some layers before go to the apogee. In this Jam for example, I run everything to the mackie.

And yes, I prefer to put my gear directly into my FX pedals and delays.
A guitar pedal for example, react very differently when a synth is directly put into it (other than route this with an analog board with send/return)
The difference is quite big if you have a chain of pedals that interact on each other (specially the overdrive, fuzz and distortion).

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