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Hi LudoWic

I wasn't aware of your music before this Q&A so thank you GS! I'm absolutely loving your sound and composition technique and last night when watching your youtube jam session videos I felt like I was discovering NIN all over again which makes me very very happy. Just supported the album and digital download (didn't realize the downloads come free with the vinyl but at least now I also have the booklet).

You mentioned that you create a mood board before each song. Recently I discovered a similar technique... for example coming up with a single word and trying to convey that in your music or thinking back to a point in my life and expressing "me" at that period but haven't experimented with actual images .

Can you elaborate on your mood board and then how you take that and translate it to each of your parts, arrangement, etc.?

Thanks a lot!
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Hey Thanx for the support!!
You'll get the amount for the digital download back. No problem.
I also like NIN a lot, and is a great inspiration for me.

About the moodboard:
Because working with a moodboard is so intuitive, it's difficult to explain concretely what it does to my music. Perhaps it is the best to make it clear in reference to an example.
Lets take "Only a few". The first track of my album. This was the moodboard for that one.


I wanted this track to be very gritty, noisy and dark (with enough room for imagination)

I have printed this moodboard in A3 format and hung above my setup, so I can see it any time I want while creating and recording. In this video, i'm recording some noise for this track. What the viewer does not see is that the moodboard is hanging there, just outside the frame.

Seeing those images gives me the right mood and direction to know how much noise I should record for this particular track. And that's probably more than if I should only rely on my ears. By seeing the moodboard I also realized that this track did not need more melody for example.

So you can say that a moodboard is a kind of guide....

Now, if you listen to the first track of my album, and watch the moodboard at the same time, I hope you feel that they belong together

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