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Opinion on Minimoog vs Synthesizers.com studio 22
Old 10th February 2016
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Opinion on Minimoog vs Synthesizers.com studio 22

Hi Thijs,

Jeroen from the Flying Dutchmen here ;-)

How does the Minimoog compare to the Synthesizers.com studio 22? Strong and weakpoints of each?

Old 10th February 2016
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Hey mr Flying Dutchman :-),

Here my experiences:


- Minimoog
Has absolutely the best sound. The osc, env en filter is awesome.
In its way the best thing I've ever heard. So organic.
Very good (and famous) for bass.
- DotCom 22
For that price you get a real fine piece of gear. The workflow is very simular to the moog.
Its modular, so it's very flexible of course. Because I use the roland MPU-101, I can control each VCO separately. So I can make chords on the dotcom, and that's great man! So I use it mainly for harmonics

- Minimoog
Mine is very stable, but yet it's a very sensitive device.
So, for live it's not stable enough for me.
- DotCom 22
For bass it's not powerfull enough for me. Maybe it's because i'm used to the minimoog :-). The resonance of the filter is also not that nice.

Jam 12 is best of both worlds for me. Bass by minimoog and chords bij DotCom
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Oakley modular vs Dotcom vs Old monosynths

Hello again!

I've found that you also own Oakley modular system. It's interesting to read your opinion of comparison between Oakley, Dotcom and Old monosynths (not only Minimoog). In terms of organic/warm (whatever it means), solid and sitting in the mix.
Have you tried to pass old synths through modular systems or vice versa (modular vco's to korg filters)? Which devices are suit better with analog/digital effects?

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I use them for all different purposes. The Oakley I use more for FX, noise, etc.
It has minijack patchcables, so its less good to use with my other gear.

The DotCom I use mostly for chords/harmonics. I can control each VCO separately with my roland MPU-101. I love it when each note of an chord has its own color. Because its hard to get the perfect pitch of each note, the chord will float a bit, and that sounds great. For bass and leads, it doesn't work for me that good. It does not have enough presence as, for example, a model D or korg ms10.

The old monosynths are all other identities in themselves, each with its own specific quality. I like that a lot. For example:
The Juno 60 has great pads, chorus, what brings you back to the 80's / the solina stringensemble is very nostalgic / The Powertran Transcendent 2000 has such a great filter / model D has the most warm and fat bass / trautonium is the most organic / the mc202 is great for arpeggio's / etc / etc / etc/....

There is also no difference in the operation with analog / digital effects. I like working with the modular, and love the sounds of the old synths.

But one of my favorite synth is the Korg ms10. That synth is simple, organic, gritty and always effective in the mix. The filter is one of the best. I send all my beats through the MS10, because that gives such a nice drive. If I were to be banished to a desert island, I would definitely bring my MS10 :-).

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