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Can you give us some tips, how to mix analogue synthesizers?
Old 10th February 2016
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Can you give us some tips, how to mix analogue synthesizers?

2nd question-

You use a lot of vintage analog sounds, which in my experience can be problematic to mix together sometimes. Are there any tricks you could share as far as your techniques to deal with this? What kind of signal path/mix treatments do you use on your synths to make them behave so well? Or do you deal with this more through synthesis?

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Old 10th February 2016
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In my experience mixing analog synths is not really problematic.
Because i build the track mostly out of the box, i can fit the sounds together before i record them. I mostly build a sound (besides a synth) with hardware FX, guitar pedals, tape echo's, etc. Finding sounds that fit together is the biggest part of my creative process....and the most fun part!, so thats maybe why I do not experience that as problematic :-).

But above all; Pay attention to the arrangements! Create layers that fit together, then most of the mixing is already won!

Finally in the box, i only have to check the levels, panning en freq (specialy the low freq are always difficult).

I record all the gear with the apogee ensemble and a avalon U5 by the way.
Old 17th February 2016
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Well I like your mixes, so I hope you don't mind me asking more about it?
What mixer do you use (and why that one)?
Do you use dynamic processors during the mix? Or reverb?
Do you record stems (8 busses) or a ready made master stereo? Or does that depend on the track?

Old 18th February 2016
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Well, it depend on the track indeed.
I have a mackie 24-4 mixer. I like that one, because of the nice distortion you get by driving the gain input.

Some tracks I go stereo out of the mackie into the apogee. I do this for two reasons. 1 - because I like it how the mackie merge the tracks together.
2 - Because of the workflow. Sometimes I like it to have no total recall. It forces me to finish the track that day and to be satisfied with. When I'm mixing in the box, the amount of options makes me feel that it is never finished. Then I continue to doubt :-).

But if I can not finish a track at once, I use more separate inputs for each synth, so I can work on later. Then I use the dynamics in the box (logic). I don't have much hardware dynamics (I'm going to invest in later :-).

Reverbs I like to use hardware (KNAS, strymon, timeline, space echo, copycat, and ESE echomatic). A hardware synth responds quite differently to a hardware reverb compared to a plugin.
Old 24th February 2016
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It was interesting to read how LudoWic jams were recorded. These jams and MosLab demos are maybe only one that I found solid/organic on youtube during last year.

I'm also have some questions about your recording/mixing process:

1)How do you find effect (in negative aspect like lack of low-end, organic/analog/solidness/warm) of modern digital devices (like Stymon's, Eventide's) on analog synth sound?
If yes, are you used to record analog synths in two channels (one direct from synth to audio interface and another one through digital stompbox)?

2)Maybe only for my ears but I've found that pre-album tracks sounds more raw and warm than album versions. Are there any differencies in recording/mixing/mastering or not?
Old 28th February 2016
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Thanks man!

1) Guitar pedals work very well with synths I think. Of course the old pedals have more character than the new modern digital ones, but I like working with them. Often the combination is great. For example, a Roland space echo, and a Strymon bluesky. Great duo :-). I like the strymon very much, but it's a bit clean. Together with the space echo, it's wonderfull. It depends a bit on the type of layer. An old sovtek big muff is great, but maybe not al the layers with fuzz need to sound that muddy. Sometimes the sound source is allready organic and vintage enough.

Yes, if possible I record analog synths in two channels. One clean, and one with FX. Also my old space echo's (I use the type RE-150) has that opportunity for separate direct- and echo out. Really nice.

2) I know what you mean about the album vs pre-tracks. I see it as a comliment, because with the pre-tracks I did the recording/mixing/mastering all by myself :-). Sometimes the demo/sketches can be more appealing to some people than the finished product. The rawness makes it more honest maybe.
For my next album I definitely want that rawness and purity integrate more into the final mix.

I have great plans for that allready by the way:-)
Old 1st March 2016
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I have listened to your recordings since I believe Fiddlstikz showed them here. I also purchased your album and have the digital download copies. I much prefer the sound of your pre-album raw sound to the refined mastering of the album. Both are very good, just different. I think I am used to seeing your video's shot the way you do and hearing your signature sound along with it and that is what I expected on the album.

I would love to have some recordings with that raw mix/master sound.

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