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Dealing with over compressed tracks
Old 3rd November 2016
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Dealing with over compressed tracks

Hi Luca

I am a HUGE fan of yours.

You must get alot of sample based tracks that are squashed and limited to the max. However when I hear your mixes I still get so much space and nothing seems squashed especially bass.

1. How do you deal with over-compressed tracks?

2. What advice can you give to producers about how they process their tracks? What do you hate the most about tracks that you get?

Old 3rd November 2016
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Hi Jeff,
great question...
dealing with over compress source material on the mixing phase is one of the most common problems,
Most of the time I use M/S expansion in order to re build transients, (Fabfilter pro mb is a great tool for that).
As far mixing or mastering dense material my advice is to be very careful on side informations specifically , over compress the side will risk to demage reverbs tails, delays decay and overall kill the depth.

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