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Welcome Legowelt!
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Welcome Legowelt!

We're very happy to present you with a Q&A with Danny Wolfers, also known as Legowelt.
In this post I'll try to make a rough sketch of the man's music carreer with some examples for those who are unfamiliar with his huge body of work.

The Hague in the mid nineties was a funny place. It has been a musician's city for a long time, but it was evident that there wasn't much to do, for the new elctronic musicians. No iconic, large clubs, and a government hostile to the (hardcore) techno scene. This resulted in a number of people creating their own music, their own opportunities, often in squatted buildings, abandoned by society.
Welcome Legowelt!-blauwe-aanslag.png
The old tax dept. building "Blauwe Aanslag" was one of the underground hotspots for music parties without (any) compromise.
Welcome Legowelt!-hotmix-1997.jpg
The Hotmix recordshop, run by Ferenc van der Sluijs (I-F), was the place to go for vinyl junkies, they only sold good records, no fillers.
A deep analysis of the social structure of this scene, gentrification, and the influence of the emerging internet can be found here (It's in the dutch language, but you can use an online translator of course)

A unique, open scene emerged, with a very mixed audience, and from this a new sound: Later called "West Coast Sound". A raw sound; dark, noisy grungy and minimal. Influenced by Electro, Detroit Techno and Chicago house, but with a wink , and a hint of Italo house.

At 2:20
"You can say, this is really lo-fi, that's now popular; lo-fi house, but that existed in 2001 or so. That is because all of it was made with this (ed: grabs an Amiga 500). Orgue Electronique (ed: Brian Schijf), and also Unit Moebius (ed: wiki), they also used the Commodore Amiga. Not specifically this model but this one was the last editon, from '92, and it contained a little sampler, and you could make a whole track with it. And this is that typical lo-fi Amiga sound.

Danny had been buying synths, drummachines and making tracks by himself. This included the Amiga 500 an a Nord Lead 2, a delay unit and some analogue synths.
His first release in 1996 titled "Space Force" was on cassette and included this track: (It was reissued (and remastered) on vinyl in 2004)

His friend Brian said his tracks sounded good and he should give Guy Tavares (Bunker Records) a demo. Danny insisted that Brian would join him, and so Orgue Electronique's "The eye that never sleeps" and Legowelt's debut album on vinyl "Pimpshifter" were released at the same time. :-)
"Pimpshifter" was recorded at Imperial Stern Studios in The Hague (Brian's house). The second record on Bunker Rec. (Bunker 3006, 1999) was a collaboration between Danny and Brian. In true "West Coast" fashion, this was the dutch take on Electro:

Two more tracks from that period that show Disco and House influences: One on Crème Organization label en another on Holosynthesis (a Viewlexx (I-F) sublabel)

Here you can find a list of Legowelt and Polarius releases. Danny has published his music under many other aliases, which you can search for hidden gems yourself. ;-)

Two electro/disco tracks, of which "Disco Rout" (2002) on Cocoon Recordings and rereleased on Disco Nouveau (a Ghostly Int. sublabel) was a smash hit:

A nice remix from 2004 (Crème 12-17)

A few different selections:
The Rise and Fall of Manuel Noriega (Strange Life Rec.) 2008 and "Cholo Bass" from the "Gardens of the Ghetto" EP (Crème Organization) 2010

Welcome Legowelt!-paranormal-soul.jpg
"Dreams of Nova Scotia" from the Moves for CeeCee EP (Clone Records, SOS 01, 2011) and "Creation 5" on The Paranormal Soul Sampler (Clone Jack For Daze, 2012)

Here's a 2012 (updated 2015) Webpage of his studio:
Two more recent tracks:

Welcome Legowelt!-studio.jpeg
Here's a video of a visit to Danny's studio (2015)

Another (hour long) visit (2014)

And confessing love for the JV2080 (2014)

I'm sure you've seen the videos about the Roland D-05, if not, see this thread

Danny also knows how to DJ

Welcome Legowelt!-album.jpg
And here, to top this presentation off, here's the classy new release of the "Legendary Freaks In The Trash Of Time" Album, which is released the 30th of september on Clone Records.

Welcome Legowelt!-legowelt-legendaryfreaksartworksmaller.jpg
Welcome Danny, great to have you here!
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