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Importance of DA-Converters
Old 21st December 2020
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Importance of DA-Converters

Hi Klaus & Freddy,

thanks for joining us here

If I‘m not mistaken, the MKII models have built-in (AD/)DA converters to make the Lineariser DSP possible inside the speakers. Now, what does that mean for the role of mastering-grade DA-converters in the listening path of the chain? Are they less important now because the DA-conversion quality „bottleneck“ so to speak is inside the speakers?

Thanks for clarifying! I‘ll drop by here in Berlin to visit you and test the new models asap!

Best wishes
Old 27th December 2020
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Hello Phillip,

correct, we worked for a year to design - together with very proven specialist - an AD/DSP/DA path that is audibly impeccable. Measuremts of THD plus noise are 103 dB (analog in, analog out), and double blind tests have been carried out with satisfying results. If you look through serious AB Tests where the testers do not know what's playing you will find that the differences between ambitious designs are - maybe there, but in terms of reproduction quality they are of vanishing importance. That´s what we found, and we do not consider these to be a bottleneck.

Feel welcome in Berlin - later on, the virus needs a few more months to be defeated.



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