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HEDD Lineariser
Old 16th December 2020
HEDD Lineariser

HEDD Lineariser

Hi Klaus,

Long time no see!

My question is regarding the HEDD Lineariser DSP process. What is the reason for doing it?

To more accurately reproduce what exactly?

If the sounds of a recording session are captured by microphones and the production team monitor their mixdown on non Linearised speakers, and their mix is mastered by a mastering engineer using on non Linearised speakers...

.. Then how is playback on Linearised speakers better?

What if the mix is made on on Linearised speakers? and final consumer playback is on non on Linearised speakers?

how does this 'translate' to all speaker types?



(PS I understand fully why any DSP delay would need to be bypassed for in-control room musical performance while recording)
Old 17th December 2020
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Hello Jules,

first and foremost: a linear phase reproduction is right in the time domain the very sense of the word, it is not a matter of taste.

When we dealt with different recordings we had different impressions, advantages in transient response and stereo imaging where either similar or a little bit better or really better with the linearizer, it was difficult to predict. One big exception: if we listened to time-of-arrival stereophony (like in the classical Decca times) we (very much so) could enjoy a significantly more natural and room-size defining stereo image.

So if a recording has been mixed without run time differences and was mixed with a normal monitor (i.e.: practically all of them) you cannot reinstall this kind of time related information with the Lineariser, you only avoid additional ones. If it was mixed on a Linear Phase monitor then you will hear more exact what the engineer had in mind. In any of the cases transients are better rebuilt in the time domain, we found it was necessary to introduce an additional 7 dB headroom in the internal signal path to "survive" the improved transients. And if you don't have Linear Phase speakers - in the control room or at home - you simply miss something.

Worth mentioning is: when we switched from normal to Lineraiser the differences where as described above: sometimes more, sometimes less. If you had listened to the Lineariser for 3 or 4 minutes and than switched back to normal the degradation in precision and stereophonic information became eviden immediately.The ear gets used to the real thing rather fast, try it out.

All the best


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