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Synths processing
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Synths processing

Hi Kink,

I've tried your Drum bus chain (Glue comp in parallel/eq/kramer tape/eq for me), it works very well to get punchy drums/warm high ends, many thanks

I've got one last question about synths. I use mainly soft synths like analog in ableton, digital version of Korg m1, Rob papen Albino, Diva sometimes.

So, how do you deal with reverb and delay, do you put them on each channel or send ? do you make a synth bus like drums with all the synths processed together with comp (NY? or classic comp with long attack or short ?)/distortion ? or maybe you don't compress the synths at all ? maybe sidechain them ? Also do you use effects like auto pan or things like that ? Possibilities are endless...

In short I can't get that warm/well balanced wall of sound

Thank you for your generosity and your golden advices wich helps me a lot
Old 19th May 2016
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I use compression, classic, attack / release - depends on the envelope of the sound, just by my taste. Sometimes i use a limiter, if i want to kill the transients, sometimes i need it. I sidechain, but not always with the kick, could be the snare or another short sound. A bit of distortion on the synths won`t harm too but i don't pay that big attention, compared to the drums. I would rather have a synth / sample, that sounds great by itself and doesn't need to be "fixed" too much. Samples - often I add some bit reduction, to add some harmonics in the high range. Sometimes I would sample from a source like Youtube or a very lo-fi mp3, so a bit of bit reduction makes the sound less "rounded" as usually a very compressed sound would be. Reverb / Delay - yes of course, now a bit more than before. I used to work mostly on headphones and at that time everything sounded too "wet" to me. But i found I couldn't hear any of the effect on speakers. The reverb can add a nice body and dimension to the sound. Sometimes i would add a reverb on the kick or the bass, which suppose to be wrong. Now i make the sounds a tiny bit more wet. I would apply them differently, aux-send or directly on the channel, depends if i want to play with the dry/wet control for more instant result or the send control, in order to keep the delay/ reverb tail still sounding after i cut out the sound, going into it. The bass- often i separate it to a mid/high and low range, using the Audio Effect Rack in Ableton and process the split result differently. Compression / reverb or other stereo widening effect on the mid range, side chain on the sub -bass. Sine wave bass - a bit of distortion, otherwise you can hear it on a smartphone Also don't underestimate mid/side processing, some Brainworks plugins are great for that, I think Waves have some good m/s tools too. Generally i don't have any genius solution for synths, just trying different effects and I use them if i like them. Diva and M1 are amazing! I need to try the Rob Papen synths! Ah, its not a bad idea if you record some synths through analog guitar pedals. I do it once in a while and my plugins sound more analog than analog ones You can try some guitar effect VST emulations, they also do a great job!

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