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Questions about the track "Cloud Generator"
Old 15th May 2016
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Hi KiNK! 

Thanks so much for doing the Q&A, you’re music and style really inspires me, especially your live performances, they’re so full of energy!! 

I’m relatively new to production (1 year) and am taking in everything I can right now. But a key thing I’m finding really helps is to critically listening to tracks. I think your track Cloud Generator is extremely impressive, mainly because it feels on the surface quite simple but it’s got such massive impact and I feel there is a lot more going on under the hood than meets the eye.

Firstly, sorry for all the questions on this! I hope you don’t mind I’ve been waiting a while to ask them! :D

1. The shakers have so much width, body and are really in your face. How do you get them to have such presence and how do you get them to not sound boring and repetitive?

2. There’s like a white noise type noise that comes in during the beginning and sits with the shakers, how do you get that to not sound boring and repetitive despite the fact it’s just the same noise? What pattern is it playing or is it just constant, it doesn’t seem to hit on the kick but seems to change slightly over 2 beats?

3. At the start the bass sounds like a sub/lower bass but I can hear it on headphones, how have you done this? It also sounds really smooth what instrument have you used for this and what sort of processing (EQ, comp, distortion etc) did you do on this?

4. The bass then seems to evolve and gets gritty and fizzy. Is the sub/lower part layered with a higher bass? How did you make this and how do you get it to sound so gritty and fizzy!? Also what processing have you put on this?

5. The strings (I think they are strings??!) how have you made them? And again, how have you made it so they don’t appear repetitive and boring? They sound like they are layered (and detuned but moving?) and then split off at times and some go higher and some lower, did you play the movement in yourself or how did you develop this movement?

Sorry for all the questions but the forum is just a great way for me to ask all the questions I had that were burning! Any other advice you have about the track or in general on the things above (bass, processing, mixing, distortion tips etc) would be massively massively appreciated!! :D

Thanks so much again,

Have a great weekend!!
Old 17th May 2016
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Hey Sean, great questions, but please give me a day or two, its a lot of information, it will take time 1. to remember 2. to write it down, I will answer to the other / shorter questions first and Ill get back to you later this week, I hope thats ok Talk later
Old 17th May 2016
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Of course! thank you

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