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Hi kink

First of all, thank you for all your work and especially your amazing live gigs, you really are a inspiration for me.

My question: what plugins or gear do you use when you master your tracks?

And whenever a song is done, how you get them released? Do you have any tips for unknown artists how to get a release? Because it seems recordlabels and artists aren't even listening to your stuff when your unknown.
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I`m lucky I don`t have to master my stuff in the last few years (I can`t do mastering for vinyl, the labels take care), but as many people say - the mix is more important. By my experience -the mastering process can improve the things a bit. Or to spoil them badly. If my mastered vinyl sounds like my unmastered tracks - I`m happy!

So, on my master in my computer you can usually see only one plugin, PSP Vintage Warmer (an old version) and sometimes a distortion plugin. Before I used to use Voxengo Tape Buss, it gives AMAZING color, but it does something weird with the low frequencies, so now I would try any distortion plugin, even Saturator in Ableton. All with very soft settings. Often I mix only inside the computer. When I use hardware, currently - a pair of FMR PBC-6a compressors and pair of guitar pedals on the drum buss, usually Pigtronix Disnortion. Somewhere in the mix i would put FMR RNLA with very subtle settings. On the master I dont put anything, I just record a bit hot, the meters of the mixer touch the red light a bit. I use an american built Mackie 16.8.2

get your music released - it`s difficult, but not impossible. The problem is - the labels need good music and a lot of the good labels don`t care if the artist is unknown, actually even better if they discover a good artist. But they don`t listen, because there are tons of demos, mostly with average music. And we have a busy life. My advice - once you become a really good producer - find good labels, that release the kind of music you do and be persistant with sending demos, with not too long descriptions in the mail. Use every platform to push your music and yourself as an artist, but do it wisely. Don`t screw up your reputation, before even having one Meet people. Everything matters. If you are good, sooner or later it will hapen, that`s for sure. I just dont know how long it will take for you and will you have the patience. I got into electronic music in 1991, started to produce in 1998, sent my first demos in 2002, got my first record released in 2005, first "hit" record - 2008 and I started to get a bit more recognised after 2010. Some people are lucky after only few months. I wish it will be like that for you!
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thank you kink. your answer is really appreciated.

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