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Favorite Effects Pedals?
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Favorite Effects Pedals?

Hi KiNK!

Could you recommend some favorite effects pedals (distortions, delays, flangers, others ..?) to incorporate with external studio gear?

Thank you!
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I run my drums though pair of Pigtronix Disnortion (for stereo), my favorite distorion pedals for drums so far. I tried many and those are adding really nice subtle saturation (with very soft settings) without killing the low frequencies too much. Roland Aira Torcido is a great virtual analog distorsion pedal. it sounds as good as an analog one, but because it`s digital you can modify it, it`s a mini modular system on it`s own. I usually add virtual eqs and filters in it. Great for gigs, as it`s compact, stereo, sounds good and it`s highly customizable. Flanger - I really like A/DA Flanger, it sounds great, more radical that most of the flangers. it has a big amplitude of the modulation and it has an expression pedal input, which i use to control the range with my modular synth. Also it distorts nicely! TC Electronic SCF is another favorite of mine, It`s a Chorus / Flanger and pitch modulator. It doesn`t do anything too crazy, but it just sounds amazing! it`s less creative tool, more of a unit that will make any sound very rich and nice. The output is stereo. For me it works on any kind of audio. It distorts really nicely! Phaser - still looking for the right one. I`m currently using doepfer A-125 VCP from my Eurorack, I liked it much more than MXR Phase 100, which I had here recently. I also use Yamaha phaser, manufactured by Vermona, it looks more or less the same as Vermona Phaser 80. Althogh it sounds kind of flat and totally oposite to liquid-ish, it adds something unique to the sound, that I haven`t heard in the modern modulation pedals. I have to say I spent some time tweaking some trim pots inside the box. Shame that most of the new units rarely have such an option. Sorry to say again but... it distors very nicely. Amazing for basslines, a combo of subtle phasing and saturation. Any suggestions? I`m thinking of Pi-Phase mk2, I guess Mutron Biphase is my best option, but now im not interested in old / hard to find expensive pedals, that probbably need maintenance. Moving away a bit from the pedals - Knas Moisturizer is a pretty unique filter box and spring reverb. The springs are exposed, so you can touch them or put some objects on the springs, to change the characteristics of the sound. The filter part - quite dirty and wild, it`s hard to be used as a traditional filter but overall it`s a very creative tool, beside a nice spring reverb. It looks amazing too! By the way, recently i tried to connect few springs (without preamp) directly in my Mackie mixer and i managed to feed them with loud enough signal. I guess it`s nice to try this, only the spring costs 10-20 euro. Will buy few strings with different characterisics.. A stereo spring reverb sounds nice and it won`t cost a fortune. Other compact units I use (although not pedals) are the FMR RNLA and a pair of PBC-6a. The RNLA is quite popular and affordable, that`s why i bought it some years ago, it`s ok, but PBC-6a sounds so much better in the same class, i wish it was stereo (so i can fit it in my gig bag). Delays, beside my favorite RE-201 and RE-501, which doesn`t need introduction - I found Elecrtoharmonix Memory Man Stereo / With Hazarai by mistake. I wanted to have the classic Memory Man, but for some reason i ended up buying the digital version. At first i was very dissappointed, because the delay tail dissapears immediately, when i play with the delay lenght. However, I really like the sound of it, altough it`s totally oposite of warm and analog. It sounds extremely clean and transparent, the reason i kept it is because of a wild algorhythm, the unit plays a little particles of the sound, forward and reversed, it sounds weird in a great way. Loopers - EHX 45000 is a nicely built, straight forward and intuitive pedal. I`m looking forward to use it more
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Proper Gearslut answer! Thanks Kink.

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thank you for your insight mr kink. im glad this question was asked as im somewhat of a pedal junky and it's one of the first things my eyes are drawn to when i watch live pa acts.

totally agree about the tc scf by the way. while nothing terribly "unique", it is easily one of my favorite chorus pedals (i have two ). knowing you like the tc, another really smooth sounding chorus that tops my list is the catalinbread callisto. it is only mono though (better get two of them, eh?).

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