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Tracking vs Mixing
Old 6th February 2007
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Tracking vs Mixing

How do you approach a project as just a tracking engineer when you know that someone else will be mixing it?

Also, which do you prefer, mixing or tracking?

Flipping that around a bit, when you are just mixing, what do you expect (if anything) from the tracking sessions? Will you listen to the tracks before signing on to a project?
Old 7th February 2007
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Luckily I get to mix the majority of the projects that I track, but if that is not the case i want the session to be organized, intuitively laid out with a track sheet and notes. If its in a DAW, edit points cleaned up, and unwanted audio removed so as not to cause confusion. Labelling should be clear , not some esoteric explanation.

I do not have a preference as long as the music is good and the people are nice and respectful , even fun.

For mix considerations, I do listen to a CD of the songs to see if I think I am the right person.

I like the mix sessions to be delivered as organized, detailed so that I can mix and not have to clean up somebody else's sloppy work. I am hired to mix and anything that saps my energy and creativity away from that task is annoying as hell. Plus its a diservice to the artist.

But I understand how it happens, I just care not to deal with it.

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