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How many Neve 1064A Mic Pre / Eq's do you have?
Old 4th February 2007
How many Neve 1064A Mic Pre / Eq's do you have?

Hi Kevin,

I was wondering how many Neve 1064A Mic Pre / Eq's you have?

Could you also tell us why you like sticking them out by the performers in the live area instead of having them in the control room with you?

How did you come to decide to do that?

Do you nip out, adjust eq on them then run back during your set ups?

Old 5th February 2007
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Good questions.
Old 5th February 2007
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I have 8 Class A Neve 1064A's. They are dual Mic Pre / EQ.

I started experimenting after watching my friend Randy Ezratty of Effanel Music ( arguably one of the best remote recording companies in the world !) employ that technique when doing live remotes. The theory being that you will get a better signal with greater rejection of noise and interference if you apply the gain at 20 feet instead of 500 to a thousand. And it really does. I find the drums are punchy and need less eq.

When I do need eq, I just pop on a pair of phones and adjust in the live room. I may even drive my second a little crazy by making them adjust it.

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Nice one, thanks.

I have never tried this, and plan to one day soon..

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