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Peter Gabriel 'Mercy Street' trivia question
Old 2nd February 2007
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Peter Gabriel 'Mercy Street' trivia question

First, thanks very much for taking the time to do this!

'So' is one of my favorite albums and I've been fascinated by some of the sounds and effects that are scattered through the mixes. On 'Mercy Street', in the quiet section just before the second or possibly third verse, there is a sound that is reminiscent of a muffled old telephone ringing. Perhaps a muffled percussive Hammond with a very fast delay, about 60msec, and with lot sof delay regeneration? It's a peculiar and unique effect and I've always wondered how it was achieved.


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This one had me stumped for a second so I had to go back and listen to the section in question. I believe you mean the little interlude before the "Pulling Out the papers " verse. if that is the case then I think its part of a percussive keyboard sound that PG has throughout the song with a tight delay. But I am not positive about that. I am not sure it was a concious decision and may have resulted from a happy accident that was imbedded in the original recording.

Some of the percussion tracks Peter had laid down in South America while visiting there prior to the record. I had the varispeed on one day doing some weird thing and the next song on the reel was MS. When it started playing we all were wondering what the hell that sound was, the song was now being played back slower that originally intended, but it had an AWESOME sound. So we just went with it and adjusted to the new reality.

Some of the sonic nature of that song is directly related to that moment.

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