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Little Labs Sample Switcher
Old 31st January 2003
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Little Labs Sample Switcher

I ran across this on the Little Labs website. What's it's deal, or what was it's deal? Was it basically used to clean samples going into an audio triggerable device such as a Forat 16 or Wendle? It claims to be extremely fast. How fast is this? How does it compare to the devices it's supposed to help trigger?

Do you know the speed of triggers in devices like the DMX, 2290, Wendel, F16, 3000, and others on the market? If so, please post them. As much as I like sound replacer, it still takes more time and doesn't do as much as my trusty F16.
Old 31st January 2003
Little Labs
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Ohhh zeee Sample sweeetcher,
Was designed while working at A&M . Bob Clearmountain just about lived in the Mix Room there for quite some time. I made him a few custom boxes that being one of them. Anyway a device called a Spanner was popular amongst engineers in the know for triggering drums. It was a triggerable panner that each time it saw a sound like a snare it would pan to the other side (i'm pretty sure that's how it worked). This way you could trigger one snare sound on a one shot sampler (the popular one at the time was the sde3000 with the sample mod, I think that was right before the H3000 became the norm) then triggera slightly detuned one on another. This eliminated a machine gun sounding snare. So Bob couldn't get a Spanner and we talked. I suggested, does it really matter if the sound itself i.e. the snare is what triggers the one shot. He said NO so I designed the sample switcher with the pulse outputs to do what he did with the spanner. It is super fast, as far as what the time on the devices you mention, I have no idea, but I did sell alot of them to forat users. I one uped the spanner though by designing a circuit that measured the time between the snare hits and make it so you could adjust it to alternate the outputs on just fills or just tempo. A company called East West (they make sample CDS and I believe they are still around, nice Australians as I recall) got all excited about it ordered I believe 50 so I was in business. They ended up not selling many but I bought back the stock and sold'em to alot of engineers who really liked the box . It is still a super fast way to do drum replacement and I think Bob might still be using his. But I don't make them anymore off to the land of Elcassette.
Old 31st January 2003
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I hope you're not suggesting my Elcassete deck is becoming obsolete! Don't make me shut down the 8100 and come over there!
You'll be kicking yourself when I sell it on e-bay for a mint!

Old 31st January 2003
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Sounds like something still worth having.
Old 5th February 2003
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I guess with the H3000 you can use the Sample/Hold generator or insert an LFO with a duration threshold for pitch, but I remember doing this with the SE also. (?)
There's nothing like the real thing baby (Marvin Gaye and Tammy Tyrell).
I never saw this box, I would do it with the Harmonizer triggered and delayed from the sync head out of the A827. Could of saved some time, DAMN. Less fiddlin', more twiddlin'.

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