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Music That Interests You?
Old 15th June 2017
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Music That Interests You?

Hey Jacquire,

With so much music being released in today's time, I was wondering what it takes to interest your ear & make you feel motivated to work with a new band or artist.

There are engineers out there that don't focus on enjoying the music & just do the job regardless, but what are some things it takes for you to have that energy and enjoy to working with new talent?

Would it be the vibe, the personalities, the sound? I'm curious to know what it takes to not only interest you as an producer/engineer, but also as a fan.

Old 18th June 2017
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I think first for me it's the quality of the voice, in either just character or flat out singing talent. I'm looking to work on things that are inspired, that can be placed at a high level, and stand out musically and sonically... It takes a real effort to make things feel familiar but expressed in a different way... I'm just looking to choose situations that resonate with me in the possibility they have so I can invest myself and that has to be with people I want to be around and go through the struggle with...

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