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Hi Jacquire - thanks for doing this, big fan!

I'm curious about your mindset towards a project depending upon the role you're undertaking.

How does a project you're producing, engineering and mixing differ from a project that you'll be handing off to another Mixing Engineer?

For example, you produced, engineered and mixed Kings of Leon's "Use Somebody", which sounds incredible. How do you dive into a project like that knowing that you'll be juggling three different responsibilities and how do they inform each other?

On the contrary, how is your focus different to a project like James Bay's incredible "Hold Back the River" which was mixed by Michael Brauer?

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I'm not sure that I go in with a different mind set at all.. I try to put 100% of myself into it regardless.. The only difference is when I'm handing something off I need to make sure that I've made every effort to make what I give to a mixer be clear and well organized, If I'm mixing there are perhaps things I know I can still fiddle with to get it across the finish line.. I treat it all the same, at least I try to.. I'm not sure this is much of an answer but I just show up and do my best and I know I'm valuable but don't think I'm the final word on anything or the "be all, end all", I just work hard until I get a result myself and the artist feel good about...

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