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Mixing With Your Eyes?
Old 14th June 2017
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Mixing With Your Eyes?

Hi Jacquire,

I really admire your work so i really appreciate you doing this Q&A!

I was wondering how often you find yourself processing something because you're so used to doing things that way? For example.. putting an EQ on a kick drum and boosting 60hz because you know that's what you will want to hear?

Do you look at a spectrum analyser whilst EQing?

If so how do you stop your eyes from distracting your ears? Or what do you ask/tell yourself so you know exactly what you're are listening for?

Thanks you,
Old 18th June 2017
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Good question and honestly it's a struggle to not repeat yourself too much... I certainly fall into repeated tracks or habits but also purposefully change the way I do things every so often to stretch and learn as well as make my brain and ears have to figure out new approaches... It's also one reason I seek out all kinds of different musical opportunities to participate in so I can try to stay fresh.. I do not look at an analyzer often while working but do use one to look at the stereo mix buss to make sure I'm not missing something and as a security blanket.. Listening away from the computer is always advised... Best

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