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EQ Philosophy?
Old 13th June 2017
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EQ Philosophy?

First - THANKS so much for doing this. I'm a big fan of your work and of many of the artists you've produced. (Tom Waits' 'Alice' is such a gorgeous masterpiece).

My question is about your EQ 'philosophy'. I used to subscribe to the notion that 'subtractive eq is better', until I took a look at some of those Chris Lord-Alge EQ presets on the Waves SSL channel strip -- so many extreme boosts!

Some engineers like CLA seem to crank the knobs all the way until it sounds good, but I've heard others say that if you need that much EQ then you should move the mic or switch mic/pre/comp. (Maybe CLA would agree with that, but he's mixing not tracking...)

Do you have a 'standard' approach to EQ, any "do's and don'ts," or any particular 'tricks' when it comes to EQ'ing specific instruments, like kick or snare, for example?

thanks again.
Old 17th June 2017
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I'm more on the move the mic side of things but that's not to say I don't crank EQs around but I use them less extreme because not all my engineering philosophy takes place in the control room, get you source as close to what you want as you possibly can and then EQ... A typical rock kick and snare for me would be through a Neve 1081 or API channel with the EQ set to boost top, carve out middle, boost bottom, and then often into another more fine tunable EQ to shape it even further in a more subtle way or especially in the midrange dial back a frequency that I couldn't grab on the Neve or API

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