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Helping artists thrive
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Helping artists thrive

Hello Jacquire,

Thank you for sharing your time and insights here!

Can you talk about what you've found that can help artists/musicians thrive in the studio and with recording? I assume everyone comes in with their own hopes/fears/nerves/pressures/etc... Are there things you've identified that help you bring out the best in them (and yourself!) on sessions?

Thank you!
Old 16th June 2017
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Demonstrating a strong work ethic on behalf of the artist and creating an environment where everyone has a voice is part of it... You have to stay in control by having a firm voice yourself in the final decision making process but be open and willing to try anything... Always be looking at what is working and what is not so progress is never stuck for long... Build respect across the team and lead by example... It depends on the personalities and you have to be yourself and a chameleon at the same time, there is not a single way to interact and run things up front you have to lead, and to do that you have to create the desire to follow... Mainly realizing everyone is in a similar boat and being honest goes a long way... This article I read is very right on - 11 Ways to Define Leadership

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