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Vocal recording environment/techniques.
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Vocal recording environment/techniques.

Thank you Jacquire for all your answers!

I would like to ask you about your approaches for main vocal recording.

If You have multiple rooms to your disposal, do You choose it based on song, or you are going for a settings which always works (for example always room with less ambience).
Do you choose microphone distance based on the song - like to you make a call to move away from microphone for some more airy performance?
Do you often record a singer with multiple microphones? If yes, is it more like main microphone and some room mic, or different microphones on different sections of the song.
Do you remember any interesting/experimental approach to record vocals which ended up really well?
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I mainly record in a low ambience space with the chosen mic for the singer.. occasionally when the parts calls for it I'll have them a little off mic... I do record backing vocals in ambient spaces as air or effect tracks... Sometimes depending on the vibe or presentation I will capture room tones with a vocal, we always did that with Tome Waits for natural space for the voice

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