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Staying Fresh In The Box
Old 9th June 2017
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Staying Fresh In The Box

I find that a lot of times when mixing completely inside my DAW, I start to visualize my mix after working on it for a while. A simple decision like turning down a guitar can trigger a visual in my head of all the bussing and parallel things I might have done to the source. As a result, "make this quieter" turns into something much more complicated than it has to be.

One thing I do is once I'm happy with a mix, I bounce out around 10 or so stereo stem mixes of each instrument (drums, guitars, vocals....), bring them into a brand new session and start with the stems zeroed out. Aside from putting the UAD studer on each track and the Ampex on the master buss, I've found it just gives me a refreshed perspective of things and allows me to "listen" to my mix again. It's basically recreating what I used to do when I had access to a large SSL and 2 inch tape machine.

Are there any approaches that you take in general to keep things fresh for yourself on larger mixes that take a while? When I have the opportunity to work on analog consoles, I don't find myself visualizing my mix like I do in my DAW. It's something tangible I guess, maybe more to do with the nature of committing destructively in certain areas of production?
Old 14th June 2017
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It seems to me you understand yourself as a creative already... I try to focus on the primary elements in and oversized mix and not get bogged down, if I miss something someone will point it out or I'll hear it later... The stems approach you describe here is something I've done on occasion and works really well, many top mixers that I know who work on a desk do the same thing, spend a block of time getting the mix mostly there and then pull it over to stems to complete it, works fabulously and you can remake a stem if need be and move the process along in a committed fashion... hope I'm making sense here

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