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Approaching Mixing & Quality of Tracks
Old 7th June 2017
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Approaching Mixing & Quality of Tracks


Looking across your career from starting out to now, how have you approached mixing when you have had tracks which haven't been particularly well recorded as opposed to how you approach a mix with well recorded tracks?

(I'm assuming even the top mixers like yourself get the odd badly recorded piece at some point in their career!)
Old 14th June 2017
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When they are not good or elements are not as I'd hope for I treat them like unfinished (sonically) recordings and try to treat the sound by ramping or doing something to finish the recording, however I can imagine doing it with what I've got, before I start to try to mix it... sometimes you have to embrace something and make it a highlight to change the face of how you put it together, and sometimes things aren't just going to work... I hope that helps

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