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Managing dynamic range in a final mix
Old 7th June 2017
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Managing dynamic range in a final mix

Howdy - thanks for taking the time to answer our questions here.

Recently I've noticed that half of the time I spend mixing a record really goes into managing the dynamic space of the mix either through EQ or compression.

I'm curious if you have elements in your mixing signal chain that you leave alone in order to reduce variables of adjustment or if you find it helpful to be able to adjust all steps in the mix chain. Do you have a preferred stereo EQ or buss compressor that you know and mix "to" so to speak, or do you swap final 2 track gear or plugins depending on the project.


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I do try to have typical stereo treatment with a general sound I'm working into but it has to be adjustable to the source and the way that comes together... I do at times depending on the vibe for the outcome have to swap things out and try different approaches, the same EQ and compressor is not the best medicine for everything and that is especially true ITB, I have to experiment more ITB for sure... The UA Pultec is alway a pretty solid bet and lately the Curve Bender has come into play

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