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Band production

Hi Jacquire,

Thanks for being here I'm a fan of your work! On the KOL song Use Somebody the drum fill that brings the band back in at (1:26) always made me take a second listen. When producing do you micro manage parts and/or arrangements or do you typically let the band work out the parts. Thank You - Spencer
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That fill is very off the cuff but it hit with the right energy, you have to let things sound inspired at times... I do manage and arrange all aspects of a recording but I look to have the artist or musician do as much of the creating of parts as possible and guide them through it, often I have to step in and work through stuff and arrange, but also knowing when something is cool and doesn't need me is a management skill of equal value... I have to be able at times to create parts for things I feel are missing or need to be there for dimension and support... It's about being in charge as a true leader of a team, not a dictator...

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