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all in one "production" package
Old 28th May 2013
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all in one "production" package

Like everyone else, I would like to thank you for all the great work you have done !

I would like to ask your opinion on people who offer to produce, record, mix and master the same project or just mix and master what they mixed. There's a lot of people offering that kind of "package" which is to my knowledge not an ideal thing to do, but seems to get them more gigs.

Thanks for your time and knowledge !

Old 4th June 2013
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From my 30 some odd years in the business, it seems that there are very few people that can do everything well. There are some producers that are great mixers, and some engineers who can make decent masters, but there is no substitute for hiring a dedicated mastering engineer who works on one thing every day and is an expert in the field.


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