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RHCP Blood Sugar...
Old 9th May 2013
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RHCP Blood Sugar...

Hi Howie,

Many thanks for taking the time to do this.

For years, I've used The Chili Peppers' "Blood Sugar..." when I set up my monitors--something about mixes like "Suck My Kiss" just really makes it easy for me to tell what's going on with highs and lows in a room (I think I'm not the only one who feels that way about this album).

I'm sure you got some great mixes to work with (and that I'm asking you for a subjective answer), but how close were the mixes to the final mastered version? Especially with regard to things like high-low frequency balance in the drums? I.E. How much of those moments with a solo'ed guitar riff or bass riff or drum part are your work vs. the mix engineer's vs. a combo of the two?

Also, as an aside, some engineers seem to endorse a lot of gear/software, but you seem to have been quite selective, lending a lot of weight to your endorsement of Slate. What would you look for in another possible endorsement. (I'm not a builder or designer or marketer--this is just curiosity).


Old 15th May 2013
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For RHCP BSSM, it was recorded in less than perfect conditions in a studio built into a house. This was the 90's.. and people were not doing that. It's quite common now.

I remember tweaking that record a LOT. It needed a ton of top end and mids. But once that was added, the record became magic.

I endorse the Slate plugins because they modeled my tape machine and it really sounds great, but I'm not opposed to endorsing other plugins companies if their stuff sounds great.


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