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New to Gearslutz / GS Q&As? Please read!!!
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Exclamation New to Gearslutz / GS Q&As? Please read!!!

Hello and welcome!

Expert Q&As are one of the coolest things we do around here on a semi-regular basis. It's your chance to pick the brains of some of the most respected and lauded engineers, producers and others working in pro audio today. We've had a great roster of VIPs drop in over the years, including Bruce Swedien, Ken Scott, Alan Parsons, Butch Vig, Daniel Lanois, Tchad Blake, Michael Brauer, John Leckie, Michael Beinhorn and way more! You can ask them virtually anything about their careers, working techniques, engineering/production advice - whatever you think they can teach you.

You can find our archive of past Q&As here to get an idea of what goes on.

Anyone can participate in the Q&A, and it's absolutely free. To ask a question of the expert guest, you need to make sure you've created an account and that you are logged in. Then, on the 'main page' of this Q&A forum you will see a 'New Thread' button on the top left. Click that and you can create a new post (which will be your question) - once you're done, click the 'Submit New Thread' button underneath your edit window and the question will be sent to the Q&A moderators for approval.

Some things to note: not all questions are going to get approved. First, we often get duplicate questions. Sometimes we merge these into one 'thread,' but sometimes we leave one and delete the rest. Second, some questions just aren't appropriate. And third, the type of question you ask may influence your chances of getting it through. Moderators may also approve your question but edit your post for clarity/brevity. For some notes on improving your questions, read on.

We will generally 'pace' questions out so as not to overwhelm the guests with a million at once. This means that there may be up to a few days' delay before you actually see your question live if it gets approved.

Please do NOT contact the moderators asking 'where's my question!' - we get to everything eventually, and if it's not there by the end of the Q&A then it didn't make it, sorry. But the majority of questions DO get through, in our experience.

A few tips for helping your odds of your question getting approved - first, keep it simple and to the point. Second, don't make it too general! A gigantic question like "how did you make album xxxxxx by the yyyyyys" is probably too broad and is a lot less likely to make it through than, for example 'what vocal chain did xxxxx sing through on xxxxxx by the zzzzzs?' Finally, make sure your questions are 'on topic' and relevant to the guest we're having! If our guest is primarily a mixing engineer who doesn't tend to record stuff, a topic about which microphone to use on hihats is unlikely to get through. Also, questions like 'what's your favourite sandwich' tend to not make it in. (Hint: we almost always supply a biography and selected discography of the guest (posted as a 'sticky' at the top of the Q&A forum) so you can get an idea of what they've done in the past.)

Please do not answer the questions for the guests, and please also keep followup questions/posts on topic. Threads get locked once we feel a question has been sufficiently answered.

And finally, if you are indeed new here please also familiarise yourself with our Posting Guidelines which form the general 'rules of conduct' you should be abiding by both here and elsewhere on the forum.

Thanks very much for joining us - now dive in, and maybe you'll learn something!

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