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Old 8th May 2013
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Hi Howie,

Thanks for doing the QA and all the great sounding records.

I've seen lately that you've switched to PMC speakers which must be a blast to work on.

I recall that you were using Altec or Urie speakers in the past and was curious what models those were as well as the model of the KRK's that you use.

The Altecs seem like unique speakers to use for mastering, but they definitely seemed to work for you and I was curious if you could get into what you dug about them and what you powered them with.

Old 9th May 2013
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To be honest, speakers are all about knowing them. The reason I liked the big Altecs is because I started on them and every record mixed in the 60's and 70's tended to use a horn speaker. Altecs were actually quite accurate but not a lot of fun. The PMC's are also accurate but are much more fun to listen to.

I've used all different kinds of amps like Brystons. The KRK's I use are the original 7000's and 6000's.. two of the best bookshelf speakers ever made. They used all Focal drivers and tweeters back then.


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