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clear high end without earsplitting
Old 6th May 2013
clear high end without earsplitting

Hi Howie, stoked you're doing this. You mastered my band's last album and did a fantastic job. You were kind enough to have us hang out for the last bit (and have our hair blown back by your gigantic new speakers). I would have loved to pick your brain then but I don't like to bother people when they're working, also don't like to ask people secrets of the trade unless they offer......but since you're here:

High end - How do you get mixes to have great, clear high end without it being ear splitting? Do you use multiband compression? Desesser?

In regards to limiting, I recall Paul Hager (our producer) saying that you don't use a limiter, you're just pushing the converters as they have better built in limiters.....is that the case?

Thanks again for doing this.

For anyone looking for the best mastering engineer there is, look no further. His work is truly a bargain and he's a fun to be in a room with

Old 9th May 2013
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It's not really gear that makes the high end a certain way, it's experience that tells me how to push it or pull it out. But I remember your band and Paul did an amazing job on the mixes, so that makes the high end even easier to nail.


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