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At which samplingrates do you work ?
Old 6th May 2013
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At which samplingrates do you work ?

Hi Howie,

thanks for being with us and answering our questions.

I wondered if you have a preferred samplerate to work in.

Do you upsample if you get material in lower rates ?

how do you feel the samplingrate changes the sound of clipping ?

Thanks in advance

Old 9th May 2013
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I usually work at 24/96khz. I don't have to upsample because it goes into the converter and into my system at 96khz.

I don't think the sample rate will have an effect on clipping.. clipping sound is due to the converter and is related to how your mix balance is going into the converter. As a footnote, when I master a 24/96 record, the client gets an exact mirror image of what went through the analog chain. It gets captured perfectly.


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