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really old Manley product?
Old 22nd December 2002
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really old Manley product?

Everyone is familiar with the current Manley 16x2 mixer; the reviews are great and we'd all like one. And if you go to the mausoleum section of the Manley website, there is a page describing the cool little 5x1 mixer from the mid-nineties. But I recently heard about a little "suitcase" mixer called the "8x2+1" that was offered around '91-'92. That was back before Manely was well known to the pro audio world. (and a good 4 years before the internet made everyone an "expert")

What can you tell us about this cool sounding mixer? Did it have mic preamps, or was it something suited for use with outboard preamps? Would it be something useful for us "live to 2 track" folks? And where can I find one?


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Old 23rd December 2002
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That 8x2+1 suitcase mixer that appeared in our brochures in the early 90's and made it to a coupla shows was indeed vaporware. A mockup was made but that model was never manufactured.

The Purist 5 into 1 Mixers were manufactured for a few years. Active summing with the tube plates. Individual feedback returning to each triode's cathode. Kinda interesting... not much for features. I like our current stuff better.

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