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Will Manley make speakers again?
Old 8th December 2002
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Will Manley make speakers again?

Hi Eveanna,

I know Manley used to make monitors(I've used a pair and I loved them). I was wondering would you(Manley) consider making a new Mastering Speaker.

Most of the speakers used for Mastering these days are hifi monitors(Duntech,Dunleavy,Egglestons,B&W,Gradient Response) and i know Manley started out as a hifi company(the "tube"business how we called it in the early days). So I was wondering would you consider doing it again? Most mastering guys I am learning are clueless on the audiophile side, especially when it comes to speakers. They just go with what other guys are using. I realize that audiophile speakers are expensive(don't even mention the amplifiers), but I think a true design for mastering would be welcome. Right now my partner(a mastering engineer) is using the Gradient Response(no physical cabinet which equals no standing waves) and are ultra flat(probably the flattest). But i was thinking if i were doing some mastering I would prefer something a little more musical(maybe the top of the line B&W Nautilus 800's i think they are $20,000 best midrange I've ever heard).

Also on a side note, on the Massive Passive are the unbalanced inputs the same as their balanced counterparts(I hear a slight difference). I prefer the unbalanced for female vocals(clear and smooth) and balanced for males(warmer and slightly bassier).

Lastly you mentioned there is now a true "Mastering Massive", can a normal one be upgraded to a mastering version.

Old 8th December 2002
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I have the Manley / Master Lab monitors in the studio. They are really great . . . sadly I am having troubles with them right now and it's killing me. I have a Bryston hooked up to them.

I had a company rebuild the cones (an engineer that used to work here blew one once) and they have not been the same since. EveAnna has been helping me suss out the problem with them. Normally, I am VERY happy with them. . . and I'm looking forward to getting them back to the way they were.
Old 8th December 2002
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If you have those Tannoy drivers, we have the killer cabinets and Mastering Lab crossover. All our speaker info is here.

We already build 65 products including George's stuff. I'm not dying to get into more things like speakers or CD players for that matter. We're overly busy with more electonics yet to design as it is.

I haven't worked out a price to update the Massive to the Mastering version yet, or if we'll even offer that. ALL the bandcards have to be swapped out because we have to specially machine the bushings of the pots to mount them "more forward" to work with the knobs (obviously BEFORE they are put on the PCB). The engraved inserts also are differently engraved and require some extra mounting holes for these special knobs. All this would be user-swappable. Changing the filter cards is a little more mechanically involved as they mount from the back of the faceplate...

It is conceivable we could sell you a set of Mastering bandcards for you to plug in yourself (no soldering required). Then you could have TWO sets of swappable cards you could use depending on application. That's a cool idea...

When I figure something out (and we get those detented knobs in stock) I'll put something up on our Massive webpage.

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