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Psuedo Api Console
Old 7th December 2002
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Psuedo Api Console

What are you guy's opinions on the way Api are headed - specifically the new 'console' strips?
Is it a good idea and has anybody actually started building a console using these components?
My misgivings are 1. The micro size of all the controls, 2. The lack of faders and proper vu's, 3. Building a 16ch would be more expensive than many other decent/good16ch consoles cost and 4. I can't quite see how these strips fit together. Some of them seem to double up on features.
Api must think this is the way to go. I'd love it if it worked but I'm confused and sceptical.
These are the units they are suggesting:
Input strip:
Master section:
Mixer section:
2 buss compressor:
Old 7th December 2002
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Well... until the 7800 master section is actually shipping... it's all a moot point. I've used the 7600 a good bit, and really think it's an excellent unit.

Obviously, I haven't used it in the "console" configuration, but as a stand alone item, it really sounds remarkably good. The pre sounds like an API pre, the EQ like a 550A [though I seriously would prefer them making a version with a 560 10 band graphic EQ instead of the 3 band selectable freq.], and the compressor ****ing rulez!!!

As for the 8 channel mixer... again, not shipping yet... but if it does, I can't imagine that it will sound a whole lot different than the 3124MB+ 's mixer... which sounds ****ing lovely.

Now, as far as the whole thing socked into a 7800 master section... who the **** knows. The 'small knob' thing hasn't really been a problem with the 7600... so I can't imagine it would be a problem with several 7600's...

The mix capability of the 7600 as a stand alone unit has been invaluable for things like cutting vocals into a DAW [used as a second 'no latency' output, the 2 buss output has really been a life saver!!].

Personally... I'm taking a 'wait and see' approach... but I have a feeling that it's going to be an excellent way to design a very portable rig, with an excellent tone, that will be ridiculously good for things like 'remote recording' applications.

Throw a bunch of these units into a couple of 22 RU cases... pre wire it all on multi-pin connectors, add your favorite rack mountable recorder [like a RADAR or a DAW built on a Carrillon computer], and you'll be able to wheel an "API based" studio into a barn and cut a band... or set the thing up during tour rehearsals and leave it under the stage with an operator so you can multi-track all the shows from the tour, pick the best performances, and put out that "tour DVD" at the end [sorry Mr. Remote... but it's already happening so if you were going to feel a ping on your business, you'd have already felt it].
Old 7th December 2002
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What do these various modules cost?

And also, please enlighten me about the relations between API and ATI.

Old 7th December 2002
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API is owned by ATI... as for price, the MSRP is $2,995.00 [but nobody ever pays MSRP for anything but a new H-D and you might very well pay more than MSRP for one of those... especially one of the 2003 "100th anniversary" editions].

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