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Old 5th December 2002
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🎧 15 years
At Music Farm we had all of the above BUT in OZ you must also have a table tennis table!!

Old 5th December 2002
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🎧 15 years
Some folks actually believe that there are polar bears in the streets here. Don't believe them, we are not that close to the north pole.

But outside of cities you have to very careful, traffic accidents with moose are not unusual. It can get quite ugly and messy. Way up in the north of Sweden (1000+ kilometer from where I'm at) they also have problems with reindeer crossing highways. The Reindeer is about as stupid as a mammal gets, a turkey is clever by comparison.

And to keep this post almost on topic:
Do you know what ABBA's studios are called? Polar Studios.

Old 5th December 2002
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🎧 15 years
We have rats and cockroaches that resemble surf boards. Sometimes a drunk person will find pleasure in the cattle prod.

Usually I send them down the street to one of the bars with a cellphone. We don't have a lounge (fuhk) but the parking lot is set up for wiffle ball and hippy kicking.
Old 6th December 2002
There is only one
alphajerk's Avatar
🎧 15 years
satellite tv w/surround sound
hot tub
horse ranch
mountain biking
guns [can be "rented" and shot on premisis]

although im about to get rid of the house so...
Old 6th December 2002
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🎧 15 years
I think everybody should buy that BOP-IT game. It took over thanksgiving when I found one in the shop keyring size. NO one could leave it alone.

My record so far is 80. Can anyone go further?
Old 6th December 2002
BevvyB's Avatar
🎧 15 years
Oh, and I agree with table tennis 101%. I can still be thinking about the current track when I'm playing pool, but with table tennis you haven't got a chance to think of anything but the little white ball.
Old 6th December 2002
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🎧 15 years
Mats Olsson wrote

10 minutes by car will take you to:
The beach

A beach in Eskilstuna? Ya right,
Sunbathing on rocks by a lake more likely
Old 6th December 2002
Lives for gear
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🎧 15 years
Originally posted by mwagener
What is a Vanguard game ?
DUDE!!!! Vanguard with the 4 shoot buttons! And those worm thingys that would hump your ship...

I almost bought a "Joust" video game, but KNEW I'd get no work done. I remember going to the arcade with 1 quarter just to play that mofo all day.
Old 6th December 2002
member no 666
Fletcher's Avatar
🎧 15 years
My KSP-8 has "Pong" and "Asteroids"... a wonderful feature when you're sitting around waiting for one of the players, producer, etc... don't even have to leave your seat, and if you position yourself and the RSP-8 remote properly... they think you're actually working!
Old 6th December 2002
Lives for gear
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🎧 15 years
That's a joke, right? I've been on the fence about the KSP8, but if I can tell clients it's a $3000 deluxe pong machine, well, I'm sold!

Actually, the most used piece of client entertainment equipment here is the little $1 sampling microphone laying around. It's about 3" big, records 5 sec. of lo-fi audio, and plays it back all distorted. Some of my clients check to see what was left on that thing right at the start of every session. They always leave a parting message on it for the next person as well. Obviously, many of these end up added to the record somewhere, usually crammed right up against the talkback mic and "slated" to tape. It's the most productive distraction device I've had...
Old 6th December 2002
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🎧 15 years
Old 6th December 2002
Jules's Avatar
"My KSP-8 has "Pong" and "Asteroids"... a wonderful feature when you're sitting around waiting for one of the players, producer, etc... don't even have to leave your seat, and if you position yourself and the RSP-8 remote properly... they think you're actually working!"

Get the f**k out ouf here! You sh!ting us right?

Old 6th December 2002
Gear Addict
🎧 15 years
Well, that gets everybody off the fence on the KSP-8.

I don't run a commercial joint, but in college people would not leave my dorm fridge alone after I put up the magnetic poetry set. Original one, too, which is the best 'cause there aren't any dirty words but the vocabulary leads you to create some of the most heinous metaphors (e.g.- "hot white puppy love"). Hours of veg out fun on the cheap. Might also be helpful if the singer is still working out the final lyrics.

For video games, what kind of games are your clients playing the most? I never play sports games, but I'm sure I'd have to buy them if I opened to the public.

Old 7th December 2002
One with big hooves
Jay Kahrs's Avatar
🎧 15 years
****, now I want a KSP8. Video games, well sports are usually good. I tend to buy whatever the previous year was. A used Madden 2001 was $15 for the PS2 rather then $50 for the new 2002. NFL Blitz on the N64 gets played a lot, so does the 4-player WWF, Perfect Dark and Turok in blood lust. Grand Theft Auto III is too much fun, Vice Ciy (aka GTA 4) is way too much fun. The addition of motercycles and helicopters, more weapons, being able to buy property and bail out of a moving car puts it over the top. Case in point,

http://www.heropattern.com then click on "news"

We have 5-6 days scheduled for basics. Probably two days of recording and three days of ****in' around.

You also can't go too wrong with Nascar of some kind and the Tony Hawk games. And for those people that can't figure out the controls I also have the arcade classics cartridge which has Dig Dug, Pole Position, Pac Man and Mrs Pac Man and a few other classics.

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