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Are these worth hooking up?(Urei monitors)
Old 2nd December 2002
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Are these worth hooking up?(Urei monitors)

We've got a pair of Urei model 828 "time aligned " monitors that we're left here in trade for some work (years ago they've been in storage since) They're big, heavy ,ugly pigs and we've never listened to them. (they've got a blue horn in the middle of a 15 " speaker)
I remember seeing something like'em 15 years ago....
would they be a viable monitoring option nowadays or just for cranking in the live room for playback to the muso's?
goddamn they're heavy....do they sound as bad as they look?
Old 2nd December 2002
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You know, Al Jardine, one of the Beach Boys, has some Urei speakers hooked up in his Red Barn Studios. Different model, though. Still, they might know about your Urei speakers and respond to an email.

Red Barn Studios

Here's an excerpt from the Web site:

"The LEDE® -style control room serves as the perfect environment for sound emanating from the two UREI 813C speakers, each pumping 1,200 watts per channel into the room. The speakers are driven by a Crown Micro-Tech power amp. Two Yamaha NS-10M Studio nearfield monitors provide additional playback."

Sidebar: I can't believe the acronym Live End, Dead End is trademarked. Who owns it, Pat Riley? (Here's a good example of a joke no will get.)

Old 2nd December 2002
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They actually ain't half bad. Throw in some neat colored lightbulbs in and rock on. They got a pair over at the BEP studios that I use for 'hype factor' more than anything else.
Old 3rd December 2002
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They are actually the Altec 604 - 15" dual concentric speakers with a custom horn added (The blue part) You've got the smaller version from the 813 that has a separate 15" sub added.

I would suspect the caps in the crossovers are stuffed by now and the cone rims would have hardened to the point of splitting.

I had the 813s for years and loved them but speakers have advanced considerably and today are far superior in cabinet design, transient response etc etc.

Old 4th December 2002
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I had a pair of 809's (12" time-aligned) a while ago and they actually sounded decent in soffits. Very forward midrange, kind of like NS-10's. Good as another reference or for hype but not what I would call flat. When I moved out of that space and didn't have soffits I couldn't stand them at ear level. Way too forward and annoying, not to mention big so I sold them and got a pair of Wackie 824's for a price that was too good to pass up. Anyway, hook 'em up and try 'em out. You might love them, you might hate them. Personally I've never found a use for big main monitors other then hyping the client so I'd get the cheapest thing I could find. Either way they'd be great for playback in the live room.

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