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question for guest moderators - standard modules?
Old 29th November 2002
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question for guest moderators - standard modules?

Two of the most expensive costs in building good quality analog equipment are the enclosure and the power supply. API-style modules minimize both of those costs, but the problem is competing "standards" - I've got at least one dozen different types of modules lying around my studio, each requiring their own unique rack and power supply. So, from the studio owners perspective, acquiring and maintaining racks/PS for all these module types is a huge cost.

With the API 500 series being the closest thing to a "standard" module format around, do either of the moderators think that there would be a potentially successful market for other analog gear manufacturers to offer their products in this format? As an example, Manley could offer the Langevin line of products in the 500 series module format. (tube gear might not be practical on that scale, but SS equipment seems feasible). I know that Apex and DBX tried something like this a dozen years ago, but folks are a lot more interested in outboard gear than they were back then. (and those might not have been the brands to inspire excitement over the new product line; how about Crane Song, Millennia, Hardy and Speck as more appropriate offerings?) And small "boutique" manufacturers could bring their products to market with less work required on non-audio related manufacturing.

Thats my bloated, post-thanksgving rant. I'll sink back into the couch now.......

thank you.

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Old 30th November 2002
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I gert the strong impression that Tim Farrant's rack is not compatible with the API, which is a darned shame, as it will end up giving us yat another 'standard'.

On the other hand, I've also seen API racks with instructions to not use eq modules in them - do different modules draw different amounts of power?
Old 2nd December 2002
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This is an interesting topic for sure. It is currently being discussed on Lynn's 3D Audio Board.

Good to spread the word here so others can join in but best keep the focus over there?

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