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Liveset arrangement
Old 8th April 2016
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Liveset arrangement

Hi Erol. Thank you for your time in this Q&A here on GS.

My question is about Liveset arrangement (but i think that this could be also dj playlist related): are there some "general" patterns you follow in order to better manage the "energy" of your set?

For example, i've notice that (generally) Nero in their sets, start with a 32 bars intro, then 8 intro + 16x2 verse for each track, till the half of the set approx., then they start to use more "long" arrangements, in order to make the set a bit more relaxing after the fast "changing" of the beginning.

Do you have some guidelines to manage the set arrangement, maybe event-related?

Are there some livesets that you like more than others?


I really can't wait to listen to your music tommorow at Ex-Dogana in Roma I'll be there!
Old 9th April 2016
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Hey. Well, each dj situation is different, so I tend to read the room in order to guide where I go musically, which tempo to use, fast/slow mixes... It always varies

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