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Wearing your different hats
Old 28th March 2016
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Wearing your different hats

Hi Erol,

Thanks again for taking the time to do this. I've been thinking about how to best phrase this question since I saw you were doing the Q&A...

I think my primary fascination with creatives such as yourself, comes down to the many functions you are fulfilling through your roles as a Producer, Remixer, music fan/crate digger, and Label head. Do you find it difficult to differentiate, when you are both intimately involved with producing a band, being a fan of what they do, but also working with them on a more industry-focussed level within the label? Do you ever feel the clash or drag of those philosophies - if there is even such a thing?

How do you manage each facet of your output and input, particularly in projects where you are wearing multiple hats? (Connan for instance)

My presumption is that all of this is just stemming from you being a rabid consumer and music fan, foremost - but I'd love to hear your take on it.

ps. the band I was in back then toured with LoTP when "Bears" had just come out. You really made something special!

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Old 30th March 2016
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Which band were you in? I may have seen you!

I find it quite natural, it all comes from the same place for me, and I've always seen myself as having 1 hat, and that it there to just be satisfied creatively. I have a huge urge to constantly create or consume music/film/information etc, so its something I can't control..

I really see no difference in being in a studio with a band and Djing, as i am just trying to reach some type of conclusion or resolve something within, it's almost like a challenge ..
Old 3rd April 2016
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Thanks for the reply, Erol!

Regarding the multiple personalities of the modern creative... I figured as much, and your answer makes plenty of sense given what I've listened to of your output. (Your remix work practically screams "crate digger" and I mean that in the best way) It seems like you're not so fussed about making conscious decisions to play all of the different roles (managerial, artistic, re-interpreter, producer)... you're kind of just attacking it all as it comes? That's admirable, not everyone can do that and successfully nail them all.

Regarding the band... hah... I'm from New Zealand, I was playing bass for a dance-rock band called Collapsing Cities (before I transferred to a new gig playing guitar for Cut Off Your Hands). I believe both bands played with LoTP at certain points... but CC's did the whole run of the Barflys about the same time as Bears dropped, as I believe we were both on SuperVision (Nathan and Hazel, et al) at the time. I have some amusing memories of the young Sams (plural) running amok. Good times.

Now that I'm mentioning it... being from down here, and roughly the same age as Connan and Matt (Eccles)... I've watched their whole careers progressing over the last ten-to-fifteen years or so. I remember seeing the original "Connan and the Mockasins" three piece back when Connan was doing more of a Hendrix thing and touring relentlessly up and down this fair country... and Matt used to play in a great band called "Betchadupa" with Liam Finn, then he moved over to Germany and started playing for Das Pop. If you have the time and inclination - what was your first introduction to those Antipodeans, what did you make of them, and when did you first know for certain that Connan was a special talent?

Appreciate your time man, hope all is well.

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