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How to approch a label
Old 22nd March 2016
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Post How to approch a label

Hi Erol,

Can you please give any advise on how to approch a label (like yours or others) with demos? Is it the music that matters the most when you write to a label or is it more if you have a following that will determin if the label will take a chance on you ex.) amount of people following you on twitter, facebook, etc. or if you've played at several big name festivals?

I always assumed it was the music that matters most but now since singles and albums don't make that much music anymore, maybe the labels are more interested in how well the artist is known?

Thanks for taking the time
Old 30th March 2016
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For me, its all about if I like the music. It begins and ends with that.

I'm not bothered about an artists profile or social media numbers. I care about what their music will do for people when they eventually hear it. Social media numbers are completely bogus when it comes to signing music, its almost more exciting to find an artist who has no profile as you then have a completely blank page to start from.
Old 30th March 2016
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Thank you very much for your reply and for giving me hope

Now, should I take advantage and submit my demos to you or not
Old 5th April 2016
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I'm excited that you used my record


I'm writing this to contact you for the 1st time.

I was very excited to see that you played my track on your BBC 6 mix.

This is the track you played: <mod edit: the track is "No Decay" on the label Lost Soul Enterprises>

I was wondering if you might be able to discuss how I could submit tracks for consideration for your label.

I've really enjoyed your mixes and tracks.

I've been producing many styles lately. I hope you can check some of them out.

Thanks again


<moderator message: edited, personal info, and links removed, maybe contact Phantasy records? link I'll leave your question, maybe Erol can share some tips on how to best do that.>

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