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How to rework? (Forever Dolphin Love)
Old 18th March 2016
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How to rework? (Forever Dolphin Love)

Hi Erol, great to have the opportunity to ask you about your work.

Can you please take me through the process how you make remixes? Do you have a general method how to approach this?
Do you deconstruct a song, and if so, what do you look for, to use?

In particular I want to ask you how you did the reworks (I found 2 versions) of this beautiful "Forever Dolphin Love". Please tell how you did those?

Old 20th March 2016
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Thanks for the kind words...

OK, to rework a track I try to reproduce it in a way that I feel the track could work but in a different vein, sometime its merely extending it for the dance floor but using the original elements in the way somebody like Francois K did back in the 80s, his extended mixes of The Cure, Depeche Mode and The Smiths had a big influence on me..

Or sometimes I feel that writing a dominant element and having the track (and some of its original parts) hang off that could work well, that's kind of what I did for the Connan rework. I aim to have a piece of music in my head before I start work, but it sometimes doesn't go that way. I was lucky that I had every note written for this mix so putting it together was simple. I also had the tone worked out, so the whole mix took me around 8 hours to do, everything slotted into place easily.

I remember having to put the original parts into ableton as it wasn't recorded to a click. Then I wrote the baseline and ran the midi into my SH 1 which gave me the bass I wanted, it had to feel warm and pulse in a certain way that only that machine could give me at that stage.. I remember editing a lot of the original audio so it swang in the correct way against the baseline and gave it space. I think I made a aux send which went to my Lexicon which I randomly sent a piece of each element to, and chose a really bright reverb till I created a wash of tone which I then made sound much duller, and thats really quiet in the mix... The last part I put down was the guitars at the end which I plugged straight into my Korg Stage Echo and then into the computer, and played the meloncoholic part twice.. I was trying to get the same feel as what Johnny Marr did so beautifully on the Meat Is Murder album, I must have had Well I Wonder in my head as it always reminds me of that whenever I now hear it.. When Connan heard the mix he was confused as he didn't recall putting those guitars down, I took that as a compliment as Connan is a seriously great guitarist

I mixed the track on my Trident Fleximix, it gave it that real dusty glow, and I remember being quite unconventional on the EQs to make sure each element gave space to one another, as the original parts are so ambient in their recording.. Otherwise the bass and drum machine parts would sound too dominant..

Theres some other parts I added, but can't remember where they came from, it was 5 years ago so my mind is a bit hazy..

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