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Love is Strange
Old 21st May 2010
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Love is Strange

Hey Alan. First of all, just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to offer a little advice to all of us.

I just got Wings' Wild Life about half a year ago (I'm only 24 so all of this great stuff just keeps popping up) and the album is great, especially for big Macca fans. One of my favorite tunes on this album is "Love is Strange." I was wondering if it was written out beforehand, or if it was just a jam they were doing and Paul started singing "Love is Strange" over it? Watching the Let It Be movie, you get the impression that there was a lot of that going on between Paul and John (just singing old songs for "jams") at that time?

Again, thanks for helping out us kids and all the great tunes!
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Nothing was ever written out with Paul - only his lyrics. So it was definitely a jam.

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