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Wine From The Water Vocal
Old 14th May 2010
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Wine From The Water Vocal

Hello,Alan. Much has been asked regarding Floyd, Beatles, and your earlier stuff; but I really dig your later recordings as well. There is some fantastic stuff on Try Anything Once, On Air, Time Machine......etc.

I was wondering, specifically, on "Wine From The Water"(from Try Anything Once).....There is a very low vocal singing "Wine from the water. Gold from a tree. I wouldn't fool you. There's nothing up my sleeve"
Is that really low vocal line actually sung, or is that maybe a harmonized line?

As with most every guitar solo in any of your tunes...this one sounds perfect. Bairnson has an uncanny knack of playing exactly what the song needs. His tone is always so sweet . Do you and he have a particular guitar amp/mic set up? The amp sounds small but the tone does not!

Thanks for all the years of musical pleasure, and also for the new Art and Science of Sound series!
Old 1st June 2010
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As I remember, it was Ian Bairnson singing the low octave part.
Ian always had great gear - various amp heads over the years but a Marshall 4 x 12 more often than not.

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